Sunday, August 19, 2012

Schools Out For Ever!

Well, school is about ready to get started here in NE Iowa. I believe the kids go back on the 26th. I think it's the 26th because that is when my paperwork is due to the school indicating my intent to homeschool Emma.

I should probably get that done. Soon.

I think I have been holding off for a few reasons, the biggest being I wanted to be able to attach a copy  of Jared's orders to the form so that the school knows ahead of time that we will only be part of their school district for a little over a month.

But we don't have orders yet.

A little (o.k. a LOT) frustrating, not having orders, but we will survive. For those who don't know, orders are the OFFICIAL papers telling us where we are going and when we are expected to be there. I can't schedule movers until I have orders, I can't really look/acquire housing without orders, I can't really do much to get ready for our move without orders.


I try not to stress over it too much. In the mean time, here is what we have been doing.

in the garden.

Art Class at The Exchange 

Finding bats (this is the second one in 2 days)

Playing with forgotten toys.


Monkeying around

Playing with LEGOS

Experimenting with the camera 
(photo through a paper towel tube)

More photo shoots in the garden

Checking out Seed Savers

Picking flowers for Gramma

Road Trips...

Emma is in charge of the camera 
(unless Da has it on a bike ride with him)

And creating art. 

What have you been up to this summer?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo Shoot

A pile of grass clippings can be quite inspiring.

A great way to spend a beautiful evening.