Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Journal for Emma

We have been all about art journals around our house lately. I make journals for myself and Emma really enjoys contributing. I love having her art mixed with mine.

I also like the idea of her having an art journal all her own. So I made one just for her.

The cover is made from 2 layers of thin cardboard stamped with bubble wrap. I then modge podged various horse terms all over the cover. I cut the words and definitions out of a 1971 Websters Dictionary. Emma chose the paper she wanted for the body of her cowgirl. I cut some clothes out of a magazine and added a little bling as buttons. I hand drew the hat from some scraps of old paper and carried the "buttons" up there. I added some simple boots out of scraps as well. The lasso was the final touch. 

Once I had the lasso on there, "Rope Your Dreams" jumped into my mind and I used stickers for those. 

One last coat of modge podge and I declared it complete. I don't have pictures of it, but I have punched some holes in it and added some paper and binder rings. 

Now all it needs is a little bit of Emma's art in it :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hanging at Gramma's

Gramma's is our favorite place in the world. Our days are filled with our favorite things to do and our favorite people to do them with. 

Playing with Gramma

Computer Time
(adult supervision optional)

Exploring outside
Teeny Toad

Hop, Toad, Hop!

We should have brought out a dime!

Bye Bye Toad, thanks for playing.

Relaxing after my first 5k

Enjoying (despite his expression) a piano concert put on by Emma. I will try to figure out how to add video so you can enjoy it also :)

And sometimes sleeping. Though it always seems to be WAY past bedtime by the time we make it there. 

We have accomplished all that and more, plus we still have 5 days at Gramma's! 

Yeah summer!

Where is your favorite place to be?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome Emma

We love our friend Paula. We met Paula through the Story County Dental Clinic. She is our dental hygienist. She takes great care of our teeth :)

One day I mentioned that we were in the market for some family photos.

Turns out Paula is also a photographer. At that point it was more hobby then anything, but the photos were still awesome.

We went back last September and had more family photos taken at a local park. They turned out awesome as well :) I can't find them right now, so I will upload when I have them.

And here are a few from the latest session. 

We love Paula :)