Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hanging at Gramma's

Gramma's is our favorite place in the world. Our days are filled with our favorite things to do and our favorite people to do them with. 

Playing with Gramma

Computer Time
(adult supervision optional)

Exploring outside
Teeny Toad

Hop, Toad, Hop!

We should have brought out a dime!

Bye Bye Toad, thanks for playing.

Relaxing after my first 5k

Enjoying (despite his expression) a piano concert put on by Emma. I will try to figure out how to add video so you can enjoy it also :)

And sometimes sleeping. Though it always seems to be WAY past bedtime by the time we make it there. 

We have accomplished all that and more, plus we still have 5 days at Gramma's! 

Yeah summer!

Where is your favorite place to be?


Freedom Three said...

looks like the toad we found! t o be honest, i don't know if we found a toad or a frog. how do you tell when they're so small?

Tina said...

I usually just go with the thought that if it is slightly shiny, it is a frog. Toads tend to be a more matte finish :)

Plus, I think frogs are more likely to be close to a body of water, toads not so much. We find a lot of toads in Gramma's garden. One of these days we will probably set up a terrarium so we can watch the toads for a few days.

Stephanie said...

Oh!... tiny is right! My goodness.

And yay for love trips! :)