Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Journal for Emma

We have been all about art journals around our house lately. I make journals for myself and Emma really enjoys contributing. I love having her art mixed with mine.

I also like the idea of her having an art journal all her own. So I made one just for her.

The cover is made from 2 layers of thin cardboard stamped with bubble wrap. I then modge podged various horse terms all over the cover. I cut the words and definitions out of a 1971 Websters Dictionary. Emma chose the paper she wanted for the body of her cowgirl. I cut some clothes out of a magazine and added a little bling as buttons. I hand drew the hat from some scraps of old paper and carried the "buttons" up there. I added some simple boots out of scraps as well. The lasso was the final touch. 

Once I had the lasso on there, "Rope Your Dreams" jumped into my mind and I used stickers for those. 

One last coat of modge podge and I declared it complete. I don't have pictures of it, but I have punched some holes in it and added some paper and binder rings. 

Now all it needs is a little bit of Emma's art in it :)



Freedom Three said...

so creative!!!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful! I love the made-from-scratch!!