Saturday, August 13, 2011

Earning a Buck

In case any of you are not aware, Emma LOVES horses. Her ideal day includes going to the store to purchase a new model horse.

Of course, if we gave in to this we would be broke. Those model horses are not cheap! So, being the mean parents that we are, we make Emma earn her horse money. Some days she works harder for it then others. Here is a list of ways Emma is able to earn money.

Chores- She doesn't have chores she HAS to do, more a list of chores she is able to do when she wants. Sadly, this is how we all feel about chores, so sometimes the house is a mess. Oh well. We have better things to do. Anyway, Emma earns a quarter a chore. If she is really motivated, she gets a lot done and gets a lot of quarters. Most days she doesn't get much.

Paper Route- I have been doing a paper route off and on since we have lived in Iowa (about 4 years). I have dragged Emma along with me in the past, but just recently she has started to realize how much money she can make from helping. We only deliver on Saturday and Sunday and she gets $.20 for each paper she delivers. Well, last weekend she helped out so much, I had to pay her most of the paper route money.

The pictures are not the best quality. That will happen when all you have is your camera phone :)

Emma has also been making crafts with me and selling them. There is a local shop called Where It's At that I sell some of my crafts at. Last week we set up a little sidewalk sale in front of the shop and Emma sold 2 of her t-shirt bracelets. She was so excited. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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