Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Emma's Mystical Table- Christmas

So, for those who didn't catch it in this post, Emma has a special table that is all for her. She loves to decorate for the holidays and seasons. Jared and I really don't. Not wanting to crush her enthusiasm or her creativity, we have set her up with a table all her own that she is free to decorate however she chooses.

*Actually, she is free to decorate anywhere in the house, but this makes it a bit easier to coral her decorations and limit what she can purchase*

So, here are Emma's photos of Emma's Mystical Table.

Emma's Mystical Table2 (2)
Emma's Mystical Table

We promised Emma that we would get her a tree to decorate for Christmas, but also a tree she could decorate throughout the years. Right now this tree is too small to hold anything other than little paper ornaments, but if she takes good care of her tree, the tree will get pretty big. 

Emma's Mystical Table (11)
Tree Unicorn

Her tree is watched over by a plethora of unicorns and horses, but only one is special enough to sit at the base of the tree. She also has some moss collected from NH, snail shells from IA, and rocks from who knows where in the pot. 

The carousel horses around the pot were picked up at a garage sale in the last 2 years. She just had to have them. 

Emma's Mystical Table (10)
The Sign

I drew the letters, she colored them. I am kicking myself because I didn't think to call it "Emma's Mystical Table" till right after she finished the sign. We may change it later when she is able to draw the letters herself. 

Emma's Mystical Table (9)
Another Unicorn

This unicorn is a Schleich model unicorn given to her by a friend in Tucson a few years ago. This was her very first model unicorn (at least I am pretty sure that's which unicorn this is).

Emma's Mystical Table (7)
Carousel Horses

These pretty little rocks were a found treasure one of the times we went snooping around Gramma's back room. 

Emma's Mystical Table (6)
Da's Ornaments

Some of Da's ornaments made the cut for Emma's table. 

Emma's Mystical Table (5)
Fairy Garden

This picture is a little fuzzy, but these clay figures (tree, mushrooms, birdbath, stepping stones, centuar) were all made by Emma at The Exchange in Cresco. She worked really hard on them and they are so stinking cute!

Emma's Mystical Table (4)
Centuar (half man, half horse)

Emma's Mystical Table (2)
Fairy House

This is the fairy's house. The centuar was originally going to be a chair for the fairy house, but when Emma realized the scale was WAY off, she was disappointed. I mentioned that the chair sort of looked like a centaur (we were listening to Harry Potter at the time) and so she went with it. 

Emma's Mystical Table2 (2)
The Whole Shebang

I actually took this picture because Emma didn't get one with both the table and her garland in it. The garland has more ornaments, many of them from Emma's first Christmas as well as many of Da's ornaments on them. 

Well, I hope everyone enjoys decorating as much as Emma (or else doesn't have to decorate). I look forward to seeing and sharing what else she does with her space.

Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment on your JET post and just now on your Emma's table post. But I don't think the computer took either of them. Are there birthday party plans yet?Just snoopy! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Emma will soooo enjoydecorating it again and again. She is blessed to have such understanding parents.Love, Mom