Monday, February 4, 2013

What We Learned 28 Jan - 4 Feb 2013

This week we learned...

Neighborhood Exploration 28Jan13 (7)
That Mama can walk for 30 minutes when it's really cold outside when she talks to Auntie Amber on the phone (and not rush Emma too much). 

Neighborhood Exploration 28Jan13 (12)
That Emma's view of the world is pretty cool.

Marble Art Valentines
That marble painting is still fun.

Gramma's Worksheet
That Gramma makes some pretty cool worksheets (even when she misses hugs).

Cold Snowy day (2)
That some mornings it's just hard to get moving, and even harder to just go back to bed. 

Borax Hearts  (2)
That making things out of Borax and pipe cleaners is really fun. 

Lego Minotaurus
That Da getting an unexpected 1/2 day off means family game time (Lego Minotaurus). 

Photos by Emma 29Jan (3)
That Emma can get a half-way decent photo of me (and that we really need to hang our Borax creations up somewhere else)

Photos by Emma 29Jan (10)
That a heart riding a bicycle (made out of model magic) makes Da smile.

Workbox 30Jan13 (2)
That Emma draws a pretty great map of Austria

Workbox 30Jan13 (3)
That Gramma is a great inspiration to Emma

Workbox 30Jan13 (5)
That Gramma misses hugs :0)

Workbox 30Jan13
That the Electric Company is AWESOME -wait- we already knew that

More School work 31Jan13 (2)
That writing letters in our giant recliner is a bit cramped, but cozy.

More School work 31Jan13
That Emma is really good at Checkers.

What have you learned recently?

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Anonymous said...

Gramma is missing hugs in more than one way! I am not familiar with that lego game. When I finally get to visit I hope we play it. I hope to get that address in the mail this weekend. MaKiah and her mom are soooooooooo excited at maybe having a penpal. Emma, I could never win against your uncle Jeff during checkers. Maybe you have hints for me. m/g