Thursday, June 6, 2013

Navigating the Library

Wednesday was a loooong, busy day. It started with a dentist appointment at 7am, followed by breakfast out, a trip to turn in Emma's Barnes and Nobles summer reading program (she chose "Traitor in the Shipyard," an American Girl Caroline mystery), then off to Daisy's Deli for a chocolate-pb-expresso cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie. Gluten free baby!

Then we went to the library (then the park, then to Staples, then to do groceries- it was a 9 hour day for us!). I had dragged along my school stuff so I could study while Emma picked out books.

Library (2)
Her book is way more interesting.

She was looking for more American Girl books and after asking the librarian and receiving a pamphlet with a list of American Girl books, Emma and I head to look for a few. She found one she wanted to borrow, then discovered the pamphlet of horse books. As I was actually studying, I explained to her how to find the books according to the code, and off she went.

Library (1)

Emma is pretty excited about her new ability to navigate the library. I'm pretty excited to have found out that the huge bean bag chairs are very comfy for reading big heavy textbooks in. 

So, starting next week Emma and I can be found 2 days a week at the library, then if it's nice, at the park. Wednesday is a for sure library/park day (it's when the homeschool group gets together), but the second day will be as our schedule allows. 

Which seems to be filling up quickly despite our love of lazy stay home days...


julie said...

Yay, Emma, on finishing her reading form! Matt picked up B&N forms for the girls while we were gone, so hopefully we can start those this week.

We listened to our first American Girl books on the trip, too--all the ones about Addy. Are the others pretty good, too?

Tina said...


We have read the Caroline books, and Emma and I both liked them. She is currently reading the Saige books (the newest Doll/books) and she really enjoys them. Saige is a horse crazy artistic girl though, so that might have a lot to do with her liking the books.

Welcome "home"! Can't wait to see how your trip went :0)