Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emma's Work In Progress

One of the best things right now about me taking college classes is I can pass some of the learning on to Emma.

While her eyes kinda glaze over when I start spouting business law stuff, they lit up today when I showed her how to make a PowerPoint presentation.

Why did I teach her how to make a PowerPoint presentation? My first response is, "why not?" But actually, Emma mentioned this morning that she wanted to make a new inventory of her horses, went into a bit of detail about how she wanted to do it, and I thought that perhaps a PowerPoint presentation might be what she was looking for.

At first, she wasn't super excited. She thought it was going to be a chore. But then I explained that she could update it every time she got a new horse without having to reprint the entire inventory (right now we have a contact sheet printed out from all 89 pictures of her horses). This way, she can print out each new horse as she acquires them and updates her inventory.

Anyway, enough words, here are some pictures.

Horse PPT Inventory In Progress (2)
Entering in basic info

Horse PPT Inventory WIP (3)
Playing with the different photo effects. 

I helped her set up the first slide, showed her how to copy it, then set her loose. Once she had about 10 slides titled, she was ready for the photos. I showed her once how to add the photos, change the look of the photo frame, and how to crop and adjust the photos. I walked through it with her once, then she ran with it on her own. 

After she finished 39 slides (some with multiple photos), I showed her how to make fun transitions, and she played with that for a bit. 

The presentation isn't totally finished, but she worked on it for like 5 hours. I convinced her that maybe she should take a break for the rest of the day. Now she's watching Scooby Doo :0)

Anyway, enjoy Emma's first (but not last) PowerPoint presentation! 

I can't wait to teach her more fun things to do on the computer.


Des said...


julie said...

The girls watched that Powerpoint and LOVED it! Have you ever heard of model horse shows? They're mostly done with Breyer horses, I gather--we saw an exhibit on them at the Kentucky Horse Park. Weird, but also weirdly compelling.

Tina said...

Thanks Des!

Julie, We have a Young Rider magazine with an article all about the model horse shows. Emma has expressed interested, and I think we might see if we can set up some sort of mini show here with the home school group or through the barn that she rides at.
Glad the girls enjoyed it!