Friday, February 6, 2015

School Schedule: 6Feb15

Yes, I do realize that it's Friday. I decided not to bring my laptop with us to NH and there was no way I was writing a blog post on our tablet.

Anyway, the week of the 26th went, well, it went. We did get spelling done, some math, some SOTW and cursive practice. We didn't get letters written, art done or piano practiced.

But, some weeks go that way.

This past week we did get some school work done, even with a trip to visit family thrown into the mix. We got spelling done and some math. Today we got more spelling done, writing, lots of math and two walks done.

Seems we really like spelling.

Two spelling lists. 

Aside from the "school" learning, Emma's week was full of learning. 

Learning patience

Learning to "teach" reading

Learning about wildlife of New Hampshire

Learning that she really is good at puzzles

Learning that loosing matters less than the joy of the game and good company

Learning that snow days are really awesome!

Learning that clams are yummy

We'll probably try to get a bit more school work knocked out this weekend, but there is a possibility of horse lessons this weekend, so we will see. 

What did you learn this past week?

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Anonymous said...

emma, this was grate to reed! The pictures of you and your grate grandpa are so very special. CLAMS? Well, I am glad you like them. Julie Walsh makes a delicious clam showder. Maybe someday you will git to try it. As you can tell, I have made some mistakes in spelling and capitalizing. I thought maybe you'd have fun finding them. It was so nice talking to you today. I don't know why I had so much trouble understanding you. My ears are not plugged, but something was certainly wrong. I promise to try and be a much better listener next time.
I learned a more efficient way to check on school emails from the students and I learned I'd like to have the app called CrazyTalk. I might check the price later this week. Please let your parents know that I hope to send them a cell phone check this week. I love you heeps and gobs and fleebs and flobs! GS