Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not the Reaction I was Expecting


While she posed for the obligatory photo of such an amazing accomplishment-- 


--her overall reaction has not been what I expected. 

Maybe it hasn't hit her yet that she has reached her goal because her story isn't actually finished. 

Maybe she can't really wrap her head around how huge of an accomplishment 30,000 words is. 

Maybe I didn't make a big enough deal out of it.

She IS relieved that the pressure is off, but also concerned that without the pressure, her novel will not get finished. I assured her I wouldn't let her novel go unfinished. There are too many people who want to read it! 

So, here are some writing related photos from the last week or so. 

After breakfast, she sits down and starts her writing with no complaining. 

Sometimes doodling helps the writing process. Sometimes. 

Marveling over the diminishing pencil. 

and then using the longer one to pick her nose. 

24,000 words- another milestone!

My nightly ritual of typing up Emma's writing from the day. This night I had "help" from Jared and Bailey. 

Much needed rest/nap on Thanksgiving. 

So close to the next milestone!

Yes! 27,000 words!

Surrounding herself with our encouragement. 

Writing despite the fact that she's really cold (from eating ice cream for breakfast).

Write-in at Hastings. 

Starting a second notebook and writing up the last of her 30,000 words!

I think as the day goes by, her massive accomplishment will start to sink in. And if not, maybe the surprise new sled and our family sledding adventure/celebration scheduled for later today will help!


David Smith said...

That is amazing! I am so happy and thrilled for her. That is so awesome! I can't wait to read it love you both and miss you!

Grampy & Nana said...

Congratulations Emma. Fantastic accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Way to write Emma Way to type Momma. Way to help Da and Bailey-ha ha. Thanks for posting the pictures. I noticed an origami figure and a quilt that looked comfy. Delighted to find out what the celebration was. A fun way to get outdoors in the winter. I grew up with THE BEST sledding hill in the park right behind our house. I flew down the hill on a regular sled, a round one called a flying saucer, a toboggan, and a regular long sled that fit two or three kids. Sometimes I sat up and other times I laid down. Of course, sometimes I fell off! All was fun. I sub for 2 more days this week. Today's students were awesome. Talk soon. Congrats, Emma. It was so fine to hear your voice recently. Love, Gramma

Tina said...

Thanks everyone! I passed on your comments to the kiddo, thanks for making her day!