Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo's and Reading

I found a new site that I love, Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile. I could go on all night about the cool things I have found on her site, but seeing as I have already spent all night pouring over her site, I will just leave it for you to discover on your own.

I found My First Photo Assignment so intriguing I stayed up way past my bedtime adapting it to Emma's current learning desire. Her desire to read.

I thought it was super cute. Given how much Emma likes to take pictures, I thought it might be a neat way to sneak in reading while getting a better idea of how she sees the world.

So, I created a simple list of 10 words that I feel she can read with little or no help.

Tomorrow I will post the list somewhere where she will be sure to see it. With her name on it, I figure she will want to know what it is. I think I might have her take a picture of the list (with the date written on it), then have her head "out" for her photographic scavenger hunt. I will leave it up to her if she wants to read the entire list right away, or if she wants to read one word at a time. As she photographs each "word", I will have her mark it off on her list. When the list is complete, I will have her take another photo of the completed list.

Having her take a before and after picture of the list helps me know where to look for the pictures. Emma tends to take pictures of odd and random things on a regular basis, so this little step will help me out a lot. Plus, if she really gets a kick out of it and wants to do more, having the photos of the lists will make it that much easier to manage when uploading. 

Just in case she does really enjoy it, I have 4 lists ready to go. 

I like the thought of having a theme, although it may end up being boring for Emma when she takes her photos. Trial and error folks, that is how we live our lives.

For the colors, I think the words themselves might be a bit hard for her, so I changed the font color to match the word.

If I stick with this enough, and Emma likes it enough, I may even take her camera disk to the store to print out small photos so she can glue them next to the words.

Hmm, something to think about especially considering that would make a neat addition to her education portfolio.

I will update you on how it works out. Until then, here is another fun and random photo.
Emma and Da having a snowball fight!


Des said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Tina said...

Thanks Des! You will have to let me know if you guys try it out.