Sunday, April 28, 2013

All About Drawing and Reading

As I was working on April's book list, I realized that I haven't posted anything other than book lists for the last three months.

Wondering if we've been actually learning anything?

Fear not, there has been tons of learning. The two biggest focuses for the last few months has been reading and drawing.

Emma's reading is amazing to watch and hear. And she LOVES to read. I'm not really surprised, as she comes from a long line of readers on both sides of the family. But I still find it amazing. She'll try reading anything, especially if the words are bigger (she loves reading billboards and other signs we pass as we drive).

Reading (3)

Expect to see more and more books in the "Read by Emma" list.

Now, the drawing. I've picked up the book, "Drawing With Children," by Mona Brooks. I hope to start working through the lessons with Emma maybe starting in May.

Why teach her something she already seems to love and be pretty good at? Research shows that children typically stop drawing around age 8 or 9 for the simple fact that they get frustrated because they can't draw realistically.

Expect to see more posts about this in the future. For now, how about a few photos of her creating art.

Emma's Sketches (9)
"Mama, can you give me something to draw?"
Still life with her boots.
Drawing while listening to bedtime stories.

Emma's Sketches (7)
Hard at work on her still life. 

Emma's Sketches (12)
The first boot was a bit wonky, but the second one came out pretty good. 

Well, that's what we've been learning these last few months. Hope your days are full of fun and learning! 

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