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April's Books

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A typical stack of library books

I did a better job this month keeping track of books, although don't expect much in the "Emma's Reading List" as the kid is a sneaky reader. And pretty fast. She is typically finished reading a book before I even realize she had started.

For a little bit I was worried that she wasn't comprehending what she was reading, so I've "quizzed" her a few times after reading a book out loud to me. She seems to absorb what she's reading pretty well. It will be interesting to see how she does with a longer book.

Anyway, our lists.

Pinoccio by Carlo Collodi. Wow. Another book that I thought I would know, but was totally blown away by how different this book is from the movie. Thankfully, Emma hasn't seen the movie yet.

Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. I didn't really listen to this one with my full attention, but Emma really enjoyed it. I've seen the movie with Eddie Murphy, but thankfully, the book was so much better.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. This was a pretty long book, but Emma really seemed to like it. I only listened on and off, but it was all about pirates and treasure, loyalty and dastardly deeds.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. We listened to this in one day as we drove from Iowa to South Dakota. Such a fun story! Ella is "gifted" by a fairy, though it turns out to be a curse. On the day Ella is born, she cried and cried for hours. The fairy pronounced that Ella would always be obedient. She must do anything anyone tells her. Ella fights her "affliction" but becomes ill if she does not obey. With a bit of a Cinderella theme thrown in, this is a great story about overcoming obstacles, being obedient, but not becoming a slave. I think we'll probably listen to this one again at some point, or perhaps read the book.

Wings of Fire (#1): The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui. T. Sutherland. About a world where dragons are at war and a prophecy foretells of 5 dragonets that will bring an end to the war. This was a pretty good story. Also about friendship, loyalty, and accepting others. We are on the look-out for book #2.

Read Aloud (typically read at bed-time)
Wild Horse Summer by Hope Ryden. This is a chapter book about a 12 year old girl from Chicago who is off to spend the summer in Wyoming on her relatives ranch. One of her cousins is the same age, but blind. A very good book about over coming fears, disabilities, and all that good stuff.

American Girl: Saige by Jessie Hass. Emma and Gramma are reading this one together. All I know is that Saige is artistic and loves horses. Emma seems to be enjoying it.

Horse Diaries: Darcy (book #10) by Whitney Sanderson. Emma and Gramma are reading this one together.

Emma's Reading List- Keeping track of this is a little tough, but I will do my best.

Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy by Catherine Hapka. We have read all the books in this easy reader series out loud before, but Emma has started to read these on her own now. The story is about 3 friends who all love horses.

The Perfect Pony by Corinne Demas. This book is a step 3 book. Whatever that means. It's about a girl who is finally allowed to get a pony, but the one she wants has been sold already. The pony, however, ends up deciding who he wants to belong to.

One Whole Day: Wild Ponies by Jim Arnosky. This is a National Geographic Society book. A beautiful picture book about the Assateague Island wild ponies.

When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore. I picked this beautiful picture book up from the library because of the wonderful illustrations (by Howard McWilliam). Emma actually grabbed it up soon after I got home and read it.

Bone by Jeff Smith. She is reading more of the series, not sure which one though. She has asked that we pick up the rest in the series.

Glitterby Baby by Stephen Cosgrove. This is a Serendipity book. We picked it up at good will yesterday and Emma has already read it and enjoyed it. In fact, she started reading it to us in the car on the way home, but finished it up on her own tonight. We have one or two more in the series, but I think we will be on the look out for even more of them.

Starlight: Breyer Stablemates by Kristin Earhart. About a girl who discovers that raising a goal is tough work. Emma has a few of these in the collection. They are short chapter books (34 pages) with bigger print and beautiful artwork. She flies through these books, but it's always fun to listen to her read them.

Snowflake: Breyer Stablemates by Suzanne Weyn. About a trio of girls who find a way to help out a rescued horse.

She is making her way through all of her Breyer Stablemates book. Not sure how many she has read, but she still enjoys them.

What are you reading? Do you have a suggestions for good books?

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