Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Reading Programs

Emma loves to read. I love to watch her read (and take pictures of it).

May Phone pics (20)
Reading while doing groceries

She enjoys reading to herself, but she also enjoys reading to others. Especially other kids.

Reading to Fredin (3)
Reading to Cousin Friden

Reading to Fredin

Really, she's going to read anyway, why not try to earn a few free books while she's at it? There are a few summer reading programs going on, and Emma will be participating in them. 

BJU Press-

For this program, Emma needs to set a goal. She chose to read 25 minutes or 25 pages per day. When she has achieved her goal for 40 days, she can submit her completed form for a prize. She also gets entered for a chance to win a Kindle fire. Cool!

Barnes and Noble-

For the B&N program, Emma needs to read 8 books, and track them on the form provided. Once she finishes, she can submit her completed form and pick out a new book from a list of selected titles. There are actually a few on there that Emma is really interested in, so yeah!

Emma doesn't even have to read for this one. She just needs to visit the library 8 times between June 1st and August 15th. The library does recommend that she read 6 books over the summer, but she isn't required to keep a list (though she is anyway). Even though we will be gone for almost all of June, I still think this will be very doable. After she turns in her completed form, she gets to choose a paperback book sometime between Aug 1-15. 

For the Hastings program, Emma will only get a 20% off coupon, but hey, it's still pretty cool. She just needs to read and track 6 books for this one. Easy Peasy. 

That are lots of other reading programs out there (you can find a list here). Do you know of any others?

 None of the programs have stipulations as to what she reads, and I don't really either. A books a book, 5 minutes of reading is 5 minutes of reading. For the BJU Press reading program, even "attentive listening to audio books" count. Score! She listens to one or two of those a day. 

So far, Emma has ready for 100 minutes (we started keeping track on the 20th). She easily reads 25 minutes a day, some days more. It's part of her evening routine. We will add them to the book posts we have already been doing. 

So, we are looking for suggestions. What are your favorite kids books (or your kids favorite books)?

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