Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Major Life Theme- Books

We love books.

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The missing book list last month wasn't because there was a lack of books read in the this house, it was because there were too many books read to keep up with. If you need proof of how much we love books, here is a link to posts I've written about books (there are 11, 12 if you count this one).

Lately, with Emma's drastic reading improvements, we can't seem to get books into her hands fast enough.


Honestly, I'm not all surprised at how much she reads. She comes from a long line of readers. Both her Memere and Gramma read, her great grandmas on my side both read, her aunties read.

And before I went through the 12 step program, I was a readaholic. I would read so much that Emma would have to tell me, multiple times, that she was hungry before it would penetrate my reading haze.

So I gave up reading fiction books. Unless we are at Gramma's because then I know Emma will get fed. Now I mostly read nonfiction, which is a bit easier for me to put down.

That is, I read nonfiction when I am NOT reading textbooks  

Anyway, I love how much Emma reads. Each morning when she wakes up, she heads to the living room with a book regardless of if I am awake or still sleeping. She will then read till breakfast (which some days means about 2 hours after she wakes up).

Just about every night before bed, Jared or I will read to her for about 10-30 minutes (I love it when Jared reads to her while I clean up after supper), then she reads to herself, in bed, for another 25-30 minutes.

Often times the story that we start reading to her, she finishes on her own before lights out. She reads crazy fast.

Anyway, this long winded post is actually leading up to a project that will be on-going for her. A book timeline. How about I stop typing and just let the pictures do most of the "talking."

The idea started with a picture on Pintrest.

Then I remember that a few months ago, Emma and I made an altered book out of a lot of her old art work. A perfect place to keep a timeline of her reading. 

Book Timeline (2)
Scanning book covers, which we then printed (as contact sheet) onto sticker paper.
Sticker paper is awesome. 

Book Timeline (4)
Cutting out individual book covers (while listening to an audio book). 

Book Timeline (1)
Applying book cover stickers to the cover of her book timeline. That's 35 books that she has read on her own or plans to read in the near future. 

Book Timeline (7)
And here is the month of October, so far. These are printed at wallet size.  
I had planned to have a two page spread per month, but that might not be enough space. 

Book Timeline (10)
"In Riding Rescue, Comet helps Gina get back on a horse again."
She places the sticker on the page, then writes a little about the book. As she gets older, I'll request that she write a bit more for each book, but for now, one or two sentences is fine.

I realize that the book covers are a bit hard to see with all the commotion in the background, but I'm o.k. with that. Besides, this book timeline will probably be full in a few months, then we can create a new one. 

What have you read lately?


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Some months that are sooo busy, Emma could just post her favorite 3 or 4 or ? And label or title the page/s as such. It's fine to have some reading just for fun and not for posteritie's sake. (Oops, I might have spelled that wrong!) I seem to be in the reading genre about women and their life from their homeland. Need to move to something much lighter next. Love, G/M

Des said...

Great idea! I know what you mean by having a hard time keeping track of books read.