Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No Learning, Just Playing

Nope, no learning going on here.

Emma the Naturalist (2)
Emma and The Tree.
We love this tree. So much going on with this tree. 

Emma the Naturalist (5)
"A spotless ladybug!"
The little bugger wouldn't stay still for very long, but she got a pretty good drawing of it anyway.

Ticket to Ride (2)
Ticket to Ride
Newest game/obsession. We played this twice in one day. A lot of strategy and a splash of chance keeps it pretty interesting. Emma's really good at strategy.

Ticket to Ride (4)

Ticket to Ride (5)

Feeder Fun (2)
We really do love The Tree. With crazy squirrels, cute chickadees and a random hawk, The Tree really does provide hours of entertainment. 

Feeder Fun (30)

Feeder Fun (39)
Like the squirrel feeder? We made it :0)
Maybe the little buggers will stay out of the suet feeders now...

Like I said, no learning going on here.

Oh, and Emma read and recorded herself reading Penny the Pony fairy. If anyone would like to hear Emma read it, you can do that here.

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Camp-Run-A-Muck said...

Ha! Yeah, right....no learning, no learning at all :0)