Sunday, April 13, 2014

Structure and Organization- 4 Week Check-up

Well, we just finished week number four of our new structured and organized schooling. I am happy to report that we all still like it (for the most part).

Here is a recap of the last few weeks in photos. Enjoy!

Schoolwork in Bed 31Mar14 (1)
School work in bed.

Drawing and Listening 1Apr14 (4)
Reading about the Sphinx while drawing birds

Hiroglyps on a Scroll 1Apr14
Planning out some hieroglyphs.

Cuniform 2Apr14
Planning out her cuneiform

 Cuniform and Hiroglyphs (3)
Finished (but drying) cuneiform

Cuniform and Hiroglyphs (4)
Finished hieroglyphic scroll.

Horse Lesson 2Apr14 (50)
Horse Lessons!

Horse Lesson 2Apr14 (68)
She is finally learning that not all horses are stubborn and difficult. 

Linking Verbs 3Apr14 (4)
Learning about linking verbs

Spider and Scorpion 3Apr14 (2)
Learning about arachnids from homeschool co-op.

Linking Verbs (3)
More linking verbs

Riding with Pedals- Day One 4Apr14 (7)
Learning a lesson about frustration...

Riding with Pedals- Day One 4Apr14 (27)

Riding with Pedals Day Two take 1 5Apr14 (41)

Riding with Pedals Day Two take 2 5Apr14 (30)
...and triumph! 

Riding with Pedals Day 3 and the park 6Apr14 (53)
Oh, also learning that when you ask Da for a push on the swings, 

Riding with Pedals Day 3 and the park 6Apr14 (56)
he doesn't mess around!

Riding with Pedals Day 3 and the park 6Apr14 (116)
Also learning that Da is silly, 

Riding with Pedals Day 3 and the park 6Apr14 (127)
and so is Mama.

Pony and Pump Track- Perfect 6Apr14 (219)
Learning more about riding- this time with a major headwind and on dirt.
(she is wearing a helmet, it's under her hood- that headwind was chilly!)

Emma's Good Day 6Apr14
She has learned that sometimes what seems like meanness (forcing her to keep trying with those pedels) from her parents, can actually turn out to be pretty "asum." 

Swimming 8Apr14 (9)
Learning that swim lessons are awesome, but even better with a friend. 

Learning (2)
Learning about symmetry. 

And, last but not least, that memorization isn't awful.  

Despite the four inches of snow we got yesterday, it looks like Spring might finally have arrived! I hope Spring is showing up for you as well. 

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Anonymous said...

This was great to see. I realize most of it was exactly what we skyped about, but it was still great to see. Your comments add so much to the fun of this posting. I think the note from Emma says it all. (You know me...I'd save that one.) We have snow today. Probably my payback from laughing at your snow yesterday. What goes around comes around. Have an awesome week. M/G