Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Organized

Getting more structured and getting organized seem to go hand-in-hand. So, I am here to bore you with how we organize all of our stuff. Well, all of our school stuff anyway.

We currently live in a 530 sq ft house. While we are really enjoying it (we now have a yard and a tree and it's awesome), sometimes it can be tough to figure out what to do with all our stuff.

To be honest, with me taking college classes, it's made it a lot easier to get rid of a lot of my crafting stuff. Eventually, I will need to reacquire everything, but that's the joy of using recycled materials :0)

Anyway, back to the point. We have lived in the little house for about 5 months, and we have rearranged a bunch of times since then (Jared will tell you way too many times). It's hard to figure out the best configuration even with my graph paper and furniture-to-scale cut outs.

Ok, I need to stop digressing. Here is our current set up.

School Organization 25Mar14 (7)
These are the first bookcases you encounter when you leave the kitchen. 

School Organization 25Mar14 (10)
Left bookcase from the top down
Library books
Fiction- mostly series
Drawing/Art books and winter gear
More winter gear

School Organization 25Mar14 (9)
Right bookcase from the top down
School books we are not using
Biographies (soon to be moved then it will be library overflow)
Horse books
Nonfiction books
Picture books

School Organization 25Mar14 (2)
Next to the T.V. we have
Puzzles, games and blank journals
More GAMES! 
(Ticket to Ride is our current family favorite)

School Organization 25Mar14 (3)
Printer and paper.
Lots of paper. 
The 'drum' box has old artwork of Emma's in it.

School Organization 25Mar14 (4)
From the top down:
Binders for: 
Completed school work, blank worksheets, reference sheets, and letters received
Next to the binders are reference books 
Middle shelf is home to our letter writing supplies
Bottom shelf is random stuff

School Organization 25Mar14 (5)
Our main school bookcase
-On the top we have a: Word Jar, basket of shells, a pot that my sister made me when she was in high school
-Under that is a skeleton hand, fun crayon holder that we made, a basket for more random stuff, the hole puncher and stapler, then next to that are some of the books we are currently reading and Emma's water bottle.
-Next shelf contains all kinds of marketing tools- pens (multiple styles and colors), pencils (ditto), markers, crayons, etc. We also have some white out, sticky notes, scissors and who knows what else on that shelf.
-Bottom shelf, left to right- This is all our current school curriculum and binders. Writing with Ease, First Language Lessons, The Story of the World, etc. Then binders- Science/Art/Music, History/Geography, Language (reading, writing, grammar and spelling), then Math. My school binders are next to Emma's

Well, that's pretty much it for our organization. Although, I do have a few photos I wanted to show you close up. 

School Organization 25Mar14 (6)

Next week we will start using our First Language Lesson curriculum, and I thought it would be fun if we could do some activities with words to enhance our learning (identifying nouns, verbs, etc). 

School Organization 25Mar14 (1)
Crayon Holders

When Emma does her map and coloring pages that go with the SOTW, she really doesn't need the ENTIRE container of crayons. So, we used a few small cans (from canned peaches) and made them into crayon holders. Yes, there are two there. It was Emma's idea to use the rest of the calendar page to decorate the bottom one. It looks pretty cool.

Well, that is how we have everything organized. I hope you enjoyed the visiting (I even vacuumed for you!). 

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julie said...

WOW! Also, I LOVE the word jar. I think you've inspired me to organize maybe just *one* of the shelves in our study. Baby steps, you know...