Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Food Friday

Emma really enjoys it when I play with her food. We have cookie cutters specifically for making her lunch (and I am always looking for cool new ones).

I started taking pictures of Emma's food a little while ago and I decided to start posting her lunches on Friday (though I make no promises!).

So, here is her lunch from yesterday.

Yes, the food is upside down, but I was too lazy to figure out a better lighting situation. 

Emma with her lunch. 

Emma really loves when I make her food interesting. Not all of it turns out great, but I figure the more I play with her food, the better I will get :)

Today we had math food. I used cookie cutters to cut out the 2 and 4 from her PB&J, and a 6 out of the cheese. Then I used scraps of cheese to make the plus and equals sign. 

If there is a lot of food left after cutting things out, I give her the left overs so that way she gets enough to eat (and I am not wasting it). I also gave her 6 veggies straws. When I presented her with the plate, the cheesy 6 was hiding under the leftover sandwich. I had her do the math (which she is really good at) then I presented her with the 6 of cheese. She loves cheese. 

I think it would be neat to do more math in the future using really small pieces of food for multiplication.

Any-who, here are a few of the other fun meals I have taken pictures of. (You may notice a theme with the PB&J and cheese.)

Strawberries, bologna, and cheesy Emma :)

Ok, so I only took one other photo... This was when she was going through a bologna phase. I know, not super healthy, but sometimes I am happy for her to eat something other then PB&J. 

If you know of any good ideas for playing with food, I would love to hear them!

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Freedom Three said...

my aunt bought my kids some plates with the face of a bald man on it. they are supposed to use their food to give him hair, mustaches, etc. fun!