Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goofing Around -Tons of Pictures!!

We have been getting better at giving in.

Giving in to the joys of just living a less stressed out life. Often this involves random, impromptu, goofy and silly photo sessions.

I was just looking at one of my posts from April about our Photo Silliness and it was so much fun to look through the photos and remember the feelings of that time.

So, I decided to do it again. The following photos are from May (last month).

It all started out innocently enough with Emma playing on her swing.

Then she moved onto the 'wula hoop'. 

And then... I laid down to take a photo of our beautiful trees against the pretty blue sky.

While I was distracted by the hunk in the back yard...

I was attacked!

In order to defend myself I had to send Emma to the moon... 

Which she didn't seem to mind:)

Oops, distracted again!

Emma presented me with some flowers.

Back to the front for more silliness.

Had to stop to examine the minor owie.

All better!

I use to think these feet were so cute! Whom I kidding, I still do (I just don't smell them anymore).

Um, yeah. Maybe those grubby toes shouldn't be that close to her face.


There he is again!

Playing with the hula hoop. Emma rolled it to me and I managed to snap the photo as the hoop hit the camera. I caught both the hoop and the photo and the camera was just fine :)

And finishing up with a bit more swinging.

What a great day to remember for always!

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Stephanie said...

Days of play are fine, fine things! :)