Sunday, December 11, 2011

How and Why

Emma and I started building a barbie house the other day out of awesome boxes that Da brought home from school a while back. 

We worked on it for a while as Baby B (one of the little boys we babysit) was sleeping. After Baby B woke up Emma and I had our hands full and so the barbie house sat for a day or two. The the meantime, we talked about what we planned to do next time we worked on it. 

Emma wanted to work on the barbie house, but we have friends coming over later this week so I had hoped to do a bit (or a ton) of cleaning today. The following is what happened instead (what usually happens instead of cleaning) which is why our house is never clean.

"I have an idea for your barbie house..." and away Da went working on his idea.

One of the ideas Emma and I had talked about for the barbie house was to create art for the walls. Emma decided she wanted to work on this. 

Ideas taking shape.

Fixing leggings. 

"I think I want pictures of outer space, with planets!"

And this is how we learn. 
"Is there a red planet?" Yes, there is. Out comes the 1989 children's encyclopedia and the much more recent Scholastic encyclopedia. 
Da showing her which planet is which. 

And then Da was absorbed in the reading while Emma was working on her barbie art. 

Barbie waiting patiently for her house to be finished, Emma's art work drying. 

Her first space painting of the sun and the red planet. 

And this, folks, is how we learn and why our house is always a mess. 

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