Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Frozen Bubbles

Another item on my pinterest to-do list has been check off. I wish all my to-do lists were this fun!

Yesterday we attempted to blow bubbles so that we could watch them freeze, but it turned out to be too warm.
(yes that is bed-head and pajama's- that is just how we roll)

Chasing bubbles!

Not that blowing bubbles was any less fun because they didn't freeze, but it was cold enough that I thought I was going to freeze so we didn't spend a ton of time blowing bubbles. 

This morning was a different story. I had plans to get up early (weather.com said it was suppose to be 23 degrees at 7a.m. which was suppose to be the perfect temp for this project), but I was not ready to get up when the alarm went off.

Thankfully, the temp was still pretty chilly when I rolled out of bed a little after 8. 

Bubbles refused to freeze. I tried blowing them onto the window to see if the cold window would help things along (Da was taking photos from inside-wimp).

We discovered that the further away from the house we went, the better the results. 

Next discovery was that bubbles on the ground would freeze eventually.

Popped frozen bubble

On our way back inside, we found these two little bubbles that we had blown when we first ventured away from the house.

And my very favorite photo:

Have a great day!

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