Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paint-to-go: Watercolors

Have you seen those paint "coloring" books where all you do is wet a paint brush and you can paint one of the pictures in the book? The kind that has the blocks of color along the bottom?

Emma and I made our own blank paint-to-go sheets this past week. I got the idea from pinterest. Here is the pin, here is the original posting. If you want our version of a tutorial, you can stop by here.

I decided to do a test painting today, and Emma asked if she could do one as well. Of course she can!

We started out with water and q-tips, but we realized that the q-tips held too much water and really watered the colors down a lot. Emma switched to a paint brush for her second picture. I just now remembered that I was going to see if Emma wanted to try painting with just a wet finger, but I forgot. Oh darn, we will have to experiment tomorrow :)

I am a little amazed at her level of consentration during this activity as she was also watching X-Men (a cartoon version from the 90's- thank you Netflix). X-Men is her all time favorite show right now. I think she likes it so much because Da gets excited about it too and she can ask him questions and chances are he will know the answer. 

Mixing colors 
(one reason we almost always use the primary colors is, well, what better way to teach color theory)

Can you see the red and yellow unicorn and the blue sky with black clouds?

This was my masterpiece (don't laugh, I am working on my artistic skills)

Just messing around with mixing the colors. Not sure why the black looks like a fungus, probably the red eye reduction thing on the camera. 

Emma's horse, in progress. 

We really had a blast painting with these. I can see these as an awesome gift, something to take on car/train/plane trips or to places where you know the wait time will be a while. 

Happy crafting!

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Alissa @ Creative With Kids said...

I love your masterpiece AND Emma's. Glad you found the paint with water tutorial :)