Monday, January 9, 2012

Arizona 2011

Our annual trip to Arizona was a blast! This was our third year in a row, our second year with Emma. I have to say, having Emma along is so much better.

Day One: What is the first thing a person should do when settling into their hotel room?

Pillow Fight!

Day Two: After the obligatory pillow fight, Emma was still full of energy. 

Push Ups (the hotel room was really hot when we get there)



Relay Races

And some silly bear running. Yes, it looks as funny in person as in the picture.

Finally ready for some sleep, after bedtime stories of course. 

Day Three: We had to stop at REI because Jared had not brought any warm gear for riding. Apparently Emma decided it was best to just ride in the car...
Helmet on (Da's helmet that is) and peddling her imaginary bike. 


We did have fun on the drive. We listened to a few audio books (Riding Freedom, Wind in the Door, and Water Horse), did lots of coloring, played some trivia, and ate. Lots of yummy (though unhealthy) snacks.

As much fun as the drive was, we were happy to be at our friends house. We arrived on Christmas Eve and got to open stockings with our friends Christmas morning. Our friends then headed to Flagstaff for a few nights. 

Jared, Emma and I took this time to go for a hike.

The route maps were labeled very well. 

Pretty rocks

Yes, it is acceptable to hike in a skirt, leg warmers and cowgirl boots. Although, we did learn that the shorts under the skirt caused her thighs to chafe a bit, and cowgirl boots, while awesome for riding, are not super sturdy for hiking. 

Saguaro Cactus- I would guess that this big mama is probably over 100 years old. 

I was trying to take a photo of Emma and Jared from over my head. I did not get the angle correct...

Stopping to rest. 

We also went to the Sonora Desert Museum. If you ever get near Tucson, this is a must see. I like the Sonora Desert Museum better than a zoo for the main reason that the animals are housed in their natural habitat, with lots of room. Obviously not as much room as if they were free, but for three square meals, I guess something has to give. 

It really was a blast. There is plenty more, but I think I will end this post for now. Have a great day!

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