Friday, January 13, 2012

Time for Science

We LOVE science experiments. Love them. We recently borrowed a book from the library called Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler. This might just be a book that we have to purchase for our personal library.

Let's see, we microwaved some Ivory Soap (and it was way cool and smelled yummy). We used red cabbage juice as a pH indicator. The colors we got were pretty. Might try to use them to dye some fabric next time. We also cleaned some pennies with taco sauce. When we washed the pennies with the main ingredients of taco sauce (as it suggests to in the book), we discovered that it is the...never mind, I don't want to ruin it for you. 

And we made a lava lamp. A fun new twist to the oil and water experiment. I took a ton of pictures, but in the interest of download times, I just add a few that I particularly liked. All that is needed is oil, water, and Alker Seltzer tablets (I have no idea how to spell that and I don't want to get up to check). Food color isn't necessary, but really makes it groovy :)

Jared adding the water to the oil. Emma is ready with the seltzer tablets. 

The water settling through the oil right after Jared poured it in. 

Emma chose purple for her first color. If you look closely at the bottom, you can see the seltzer tablets. 

Emma asked if it was hot (cause it is called a lava lamp), and asked if she could touch it.  
"It's not hot at all, it's cold!"

Lava lamp number 2 was a mixture of yellow and blue food coloring. 

It did indeed make green!

Flashlight shinning through. Let us to lava lamp number 3...

Desk lamp shinning from underneath. 

We really had a blast with this. We went through half the box of seltzer tablets, and Emma is excited to use up the other half of the box soon. I think we might try to get some friends together soon and introduce them to the join of the lava lamp :)

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