Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Time Is It?

No, it isn't Tool Time. Emma has recently started showing interest in figuring out the time according to the analog clock. On a recent trip to Duck Worth Wearing, where we have something like $36 dollars in consignment money, I spied a cool watch. When I asked Emma if she would like it, the answer was yes. 

Did you guess that the watch has horses on it? You would have guessed correctly :) I have been meaning to take some good pictures of the watch, but it hasn't happened. 

This past week, Emma and I went up to Gramma's house just 'cause. One of the mornings there, Emma decided to pull out the box of Legos (mostly from when Jared was little, some from Gramma's teaching years). For some reason the watch was on my mind (possible because it was laying next to me on the couch), and I really wanted to take some pictures of her wearing it, but I didn't want to interrupt her play. I asked if she would mind wearing the watch for a bit so I could take pictures, but that she could just pretend I wasn't there and go about her Lego play. 

Here is what I got. 

I love that the horse is running around the watch, acting as the second hand. I also love that the minute hand and hour hand are different colors. About the only thing I would change is instead of having "1,2,3,4,5..." repeated on the frame of the watch, I would have put, "5,10,15,20, etc." so that Emma can more easily translate the minutes.

"Mama, I don't have any Indian horses at our house!"

This was the Harry Potter Lego section.

Mama- "Emma, what time is it?"

It sure was :) 
But really, it was time to leave her be so she could get lost in her world of Legos.

(As a side note, Gramma and I were just chatting about Legos, and wondered where they were made (they are made in Denmark), which led me to discover that there are free games on the Lego website. Emma loves them. )


Unknown said...

Matt (and the girls) also loves Legos.... You never get too old for them!

Tina said...

I love your blogger photo Yvonne! You should probably get your name updated though :)

I remember Matt's legos. Does he play with them often? They looked kinda dusty when we were out there over Christmas...