Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arizona 2011 pt. 2

Sparklers at Midnight! 
Happy New Year :)

And the following morning around 9am. This is sleeping SUPER late for my early riser. 

Are you ready for all the awesome pictures of what we did while in Arizona?
Bear Cave

A great way to entertain kids is to give them glow bracelets and a dark room. However, when two of them come running out really excited because there are stars on the floor, you may want to curb the desire to freak out a bit. 

While the next two pictures are really awesome, this is a tale of why it is important to keep an eye on young ones who have glow bracelets. When bracelet is bent back and forth repeatedly, it will explode. And yes, it does look like a galaxy of stars on the floor, and the shirts, and the hair of some of the children. 

The girls had their own craft table set up. And they used it well. 

Paper horse that Emma decorated with paint, beads, and fabric. 

You may be asking, "Why so few pictures? Surely there must be other awesome things that needed photographing..." and you would be correct. There were skirts for all the girls (and some for the mamas as well), a cool t-shirt rug, art journals, unbelievable food, and lots of good fun. 

The reason we didn't get any pictures of that stuff is because Jared does not have a camera dedicated to riding. 

Jared has really gotten into mountain biking this year. He rented a bike and spent the majority of his time on the trails (I think his Garmin thingy said he rode for a total of 16 hours or something crazy like that!). All that time he was on the trail, the camera was with him. He did manage to get some really cool pictures though. 

 There are many more cool pictures of the desert, but I will save you from the onslaught of them.

We really did have an awesome time. We didn't want to leave. In fact at one point Jared told me he was quitting school and we were moving back to Tucson. If only we could afford it...

So, onto our trip home.

Stopping for a dinner break. Yes, Emma wore pajamas for our entire drive. 

Making little animals from pipe cleaners. 
Thank you Yvonne for that little activity pack. Emma really enjoyed it. 

Our bed hog sleeping beauty. 
(That is a king size bed she is sleeping sideways in)

Home sweet home. It was pretty cool to drive into Iowa on a beautiful sunny day and to see...

Motorcycles! In January! 

Well, we had a great time, but we are happy to be home. Such and exciting year coming up!


Stephanie said...

I'm with her. If you gotta travel all day... definitely pj's are the way to go!

That horse is something spectacular. I love it.

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