Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Break from Food

So, are you sick of the food posts yet? I have a tendancy to obsess over something until I feel like I have a understanding of it, and I think that this whole gluten/dairy free thing might take a while to get to that point. I will do my best to not drown you in all things food related in the mean time, but we warned, I love to share the knowledge that I have, especially if I feel it can improve a persons quality of life.

Enough of that.

We have actually been doing other things lately. With the crazy gorgeous spring weather we had in March, we tried getting outside every day. Some days worked out better than others.

So happy to be on "Fat Black" (the name she gave her pet 'horse')

There was a week were we went for a bike ride 3 days in a row. We thought it would become habit, but life doesn't always cooperate with our ideas. 

Our first day out. We thought it was going to be a beautiful evening...

Going down hill with her feet off the ground- Learning all about balance

Da goofing around doing manuals (its a bike thing)

Uh oh. 

Emma running, Da has gone on ahead to get the car because not only has the sky opened up, it is also thundering and lighting. 

Yes, it did rain on our parade bike ride, but we still had a blast. 

So, the next day we decided to go out again. This time we managed to make it through the entire ride with no rain. 

This is the spot where it had started raining on us the day before. 

And day 3. By this day, Emma was pretty tired from all that exercise. I think I ended up carrying her bike more then she rode it. It was a good arm workout.

I can't remember why we didn't go out the next day. I think Emma was just flat against it. So, now we know to spread the wealth out over the entire week instead of three days in a row. 

Emma has also been learning a lot. She still insists that she can't read, despite the fact that she read "We Are In A Book" by Mo Willems to us last night. All. By. Her. Self. 

I love Elephant and Piggie books and I need to start keeping my eye out for some used copies to add to our library. 

(sorry, got side tracked on Mo Willems blog for a bit there)

One other thing to report is that we have been playing with numbers a bit here and there. One thing we have done only a little of, but I see a huge improvement in, is number place values. 

With the help of these cool cards (that I found via pintrest- maybe I just went to search for them, and they came from this website), Emma has a better grasp of what the numbers look like and how to say them. Like I said, we have only used them a handful of times, but I am amazed at how well she picked it up. We might have to start adding in some bigger numbers, as she keeps asking, "What comes after thousands, etc." She actually asked all the way up to the billions, which after that I really wasn't sure. I love that I get to learn right along with her :)  

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