Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emma's Domain

Emma has effectively taken over the family room. Most days when she is in there, she has a ribbon strung across the doorway, though she is more than happy to allow others to enter. 

What does she do in there?

Plays with Legos, listens to music or audio books, and, as of yesterday, paints.

She had asked a few nights ago (10 minutes before bedtime) if she could paint. I told her that she could the next day. She asked again the next day so I started to get the kitchen table ready for her, but she told me she wanted to paint in the family room.

She had set up an empty box as her easel, a little table to set her paints on, we found a blank canvas for her to use, and she has been happily working on her painting for the last 2 days. 

It's fun to walk through the family room at various times throughout the day to see what new Lego creations she has, and what additions she has made to her painting. 

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