Saturday, April 23, 2011


Emma has been reading!

Not like, sitting down and reading "War and Peace", but she does a pretty good job with the books by Mo Williems. She really likes "I Will Fly Today" a lot. She will start to recite it, then catch herself adding words, and correct herself. I really enjoy watching her while she is reading.

Is it bad that I bribe Emma to get her to practice reading?

Is it odd that I bribe Emma to read a book on her "own" so that I can read her 2 chapters of Bella Sara (we just finished #8 "Peppers Quest" ) at bedtime?

And I have discovered that if I sit and focus with her on the book she is reading, she has a hard time reading. If I am sitting next to her but working on a project, she does a much better job. It may make me sound like a lazy mom, but I think if she knows I am "unavailable" she is willing to do more and learn more on her own.

I am trying to be more available to Emma. Some days I am better then others. Some days we spend the entire day doing stuff together.

And some days Emma is so whinny that I can't stand it. I could understand the continued whining if it actually got her what she was whining for. But it never does. It usually gets her sent to her room.

Which honestly, isn't much of a punishment because that is where 98% of her toys are and about 50% of her books. Oh, and her CD player with audio books and music CD's.

I wish sometimes I could get sent to her room.

And we are still trying to figure out the fear thing. Since Da has gotten home, Emma seems to feel a little safer, but she still demands to know if the door is locked each night before lights out. We usually have to go out and check for her.

When we got the oil changed yesterday, she started tearing up while in the waiting room. She was worried about being an adult again. I gave her a hug, reminded her she is 5 and that she has a long way to go before she is an adult. That and some hot chocolate seemed to help.

Here are a few photos from this month.

Playing with words after Emma read "Fat Cat" to Jared and I at dinner time. 

First horse lesson of the year.

Emma riding Willy the pony and Miss Paige listening while Emma talks her ear off. Paige is one of the few adults Emma is comfortable enough with to just talk and talk. 

Our dog, Icky, with a rare treat. I let him snuggle on the couch and Emma decided he needed a blanket.

Emma and a doll I made.

Emma is on the floor, Icky is on the couch. Must be backwards day...

I hope that you all (assuming anyone is ready) have a great weekend!

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