Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Flies...

when things are going crazy. Here is a link to my other blog with an explanation of what has been going on.

On the Emma front, things have been good. She lost another tooth, this time naturally.

She seems to have grown a bunch, but I haven't gotten around to measuring her.

And she is sounding out words a lot quicker then she had been before the craziness started.

Other then that, I honestly don't know much. I am a little out of touch with my child at the moment, but thankfully I knew she was in great hands while she was with Gramma (my MIL) while I was taking care of my grandmother.

Emma, Jared, and I have had some serious family together time this past weekend and we look forward to little bits here and there as we can steal them.

I am glad to be home, glad to be with my family, and glad to be getting back into the rhythm of things.

A few photos of my beautiful cowgirl. 

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