Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing With Fire

One night after an early supper, Emma and I decided to play with fire.

This was the result.

Crayons and a candle. I got the idea over at Craft Knife. I love that site. 

Emma and I had a blast mixing the colors together, making valleys and rivers of hot wax, and drawing with the partially melted crayons. We will be doing this again. 

And I am excited to add it to the list over at Ordinary Life Magic's Saturday's Artist link up.  Another site I love :)


MJ said...

Oh I love playing with wax & fire!! What a fabulous idea!!! And her piece is beautiful :)!!

Suzy Q said...

What a great idea! I'll be trying this one out with my girls!
The effects are really beautiful.

Phyllis said...

Very cool art!

Tina said...

Thank you :)

Stephanie said...

We love encaustic art! We don't use crayons, but jars of wax, as my two like to dip and design. (Really, they're crazy about wax. Like to dip toys and fingers in it. :) )
I should maybe get our jars out again for some colorful play!

Tina said...

How do you use just wax? We love to play with the wax from candles- most of the time my husband doesn't even wait for the candle to be done burning.

We might have to try it out.

Bona Fide Mama said...

ooooh love it!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

That is such a cool idea! Might be just what we need on this rainy day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I cannot imagine being land locked. The beach is my oxygen! I post lots of beach photos. You'll be sick of them by mid summer!