Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emma's New Room

Her room isn't really new, but with Operation Uplifting Sleep, we couldn't leave the rest of the room a mess.

A few weeks ago I installed the tracks for adjustable shelves. For the first day or two we made do with bits and pieces of lumber for shelves. I realized that the bits and pieces really didn't give Emma much shelf space. I went out and bought 2 8' shelves.

It made a big difference.

When we ran back to Lowes yesterday to pick up the missing piece of lumber, we also picked up two more 8' shelves.  

Now I am happy.

So are Emma and Da. As I write this, they are in Emma's room doing puzzles. I love when they play together.

I also spent much of today creating a comfy reading area under Emma's loft. After all the work we did yesterday and today, I was a little tired. So when I sat down to test out the chair placement...
I fell asleep. Emma and Icky (the dog) were happy to just hang out while I dozed. 

The shelves (one is designated specifically for horses), and her easel. She gets great light almost all day long. And at night she gets an awesome view of Luna (the moon).
(Jared's head-He and Emma are getting set up to do a puzzle) 

Emma checking out her options with the shelves set up and organized.

Re-positionable horse stickers (grouped by family, her favorite way to group). Plus a few butterflies that I didn't notice until I took this photo :) Emma played up in her bed while I was trying to figure out the bookcase add-on below deck. It was so much fun listening to her play up there with her stuffed animals.  

The most up-to-date photo. 

The bookcase (to the left of the flower chair) was made using left over 2X6 boards. I would have filled it up with books, but I ran out of steam. 

I doubt it will stay looking like this for very long. Aside from her room turning into a disaster zone, we have grand plans to collage all over the bed with anything we can get to stick. 

I am not usually one for on going projects, but at least now when she complains, I can tell her to go glue things to her bed. 

p.s. Be sure to read yesterday's post for a few photos of the assembly process. 


MJ said...

That turned out awesome!! I would love to do that for my kids one day!!

Tina said...


It was a little intimidating at first, but once I read the instructions a few times, I felt comfortable with it. The actually assembling was pretty easy, once we had all the pieces and tools.