Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally Home

Wow, that was a longer trip then I had planned. Lucky for my I have awesome in-laws, and didn't have to spend any of my time worrying (more then usual) about Emma. She missed me, but she had a great time with Gramma.

The newest and most exciting thing going on around here (for Emma anyway), is she now has her own computer. It is a mini desktop that we have set up in the living room, and she has her Bella Sara, PBS Kids, and an few other website set up for her.

She is playing Bella Sara right now. I really like Bella Sara for the many different things she can do with the game. She can take care of horses (groom, feed, pet, etc), she can play mini games, or she can play the main adventure. I also like that there are no other people who play the game on line with her so I don't have to worry about creepy people trying to chat with her.

One of the things I don't like is that Emma only got a few adventures to start out with, and to get more adventures, we had to buy Bella Sara products (horses, trading cards, puzzles, etc). I think we may have finished all the adventures :( Think about creating a new account...

Emma's reading has been going well. She is still doing great sounding out words in her environment. She even asked to play 'Scrabble Slam' last night. Normally it is a fast paced game. The players decide on a 4 letter word and then see who can use up their letters first by creating new words. We don't play for speed. Mostly we create words that rhyme, but Emma is finding it interesting that we can make new words that don't rhyme.

The rest of the day is pretty busy. 

We are going to see a play, Three Classics by Mercer Myer.

Then we have to do groceries. We have recently discovered that Emma is lactose intolerant, and I have a suspicion that she is also gluten intolerant as well. So, all of our gluten guilty foods are boxed up and we have some major groceries to do today.

After that we will have time to come home, put the groceries away, grab some lunch, then head over to hang out with our friend Landon, while his mom and dad are at work.

I am not sure what the plan is for dinner, but I do know that I will be printing up another photo assignment for Emma to do today or tomorrow. Just one this time though :)

Emma at gymnastics 2 weeks ago. 

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