Sunday, February 13, 2011

What We Did - Feb 6-12, 2011

It is so good to be home.

This week has been busy, but we are still finding time for learning and crafting, our two favorite things to do.

While I was gone I got a deal through Groupon for a $20 gift certificate to for $10. A deal like that is a no brainer (especially when I have a wish list with about 150 things on it).

After agonizing over what I should get Emma, I settled on a balance scale (or Pan Balance). Emma got it yesterday and was really excited to try it out. I know a $20 scale  isn't going to be super accurate, and it is off just a tiny bit, but I am happy with it. 

The two things I like the most about it are the big pans, and the easy set up. The scale does have little weights on the top so you can adjust it to make it more accurate, but I haven't bothered with that yet. 

A fun project idea I got from Ordinary Life Magic. Emma got a little frustrated when some of the buttons kept spinning around the wire, but she got the hang of it. She liked the project, but has not desire to do any more :)
I really enjoyed it. I think I might have to start keeping an eye out for cheap buttons. I like the idea of making some sort of button ornament like this for each season/ holiday. It was quick, easy, and relaxing (until I realized we where about to be late for a Dr. appointment-oops!). 

Another cute, but not as quick project that we did (also from Ordinary Life Magic). I still need to finish up with a mane and tail, but this is as far as we got today before we both got distracted by shiny things.

We did some cooking this week. Well, I do some cooking every week, but Emma helped this time. She will be helping more often now. We are in the process of switching over to a gluten/ dairy free diet (I will explain more about this later in the week) and I think having Emma help me cook the foods will make her more likely to at least try the foods.

She did enjoy helping me. She loves to crack eggs and is getting pretty good at it. When she cracked the second egg for this recipe she didn't get any shell in the bowl. 

Although we enjoyed making these, we where not particularly happy with how they tasted. I think it is because of the fritos. We will try it again with a different coating (probably next week).

We made some gluten free brownies right after this and she had fun with that too. They actually taste pretty good!
I used up some scraps and made this hat. Emma claimed it as her own. To read a bit more about it, check this out

We did some computer time. Lots of computer time. Emma now has her own little desktop and it is the first thing she does every morning. Here she is playing Super Why.

Some silliness happened (lots actually, but not a lot of pictures to prove it). Da has a super heavy coat for his uniform. When he got home from school one day, he said to Emma, "Do you want to see something really silly?" 

He can actually see through the faux fur. 

I hope you have had a great week also!

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