Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swim Lessons

Emma LOVES swim lessons. She loves them so much I am tempted to enroll her in two swim lessons next session so that we can go 2 days a week.

Maybe. It's kinda expensive.

Although it is cheaper then doing gymnastics and swimming.

We will have to see.

After swim lessons we went to a place called The Playground. Emma enjoyed it when we first got there because the number of kids was pretty low. Once preschool started letting out though, the place got packed pretty quickly.

Lunch at the new Olive Garden in Ankeny followed. Emma at bread sticks and some beans from my minestrone soup.

I pigged out on salad. Oink.

Then we opted out of groceries (we have milk and cereal, all is good) and came home.

Emma played on the computer, then had some fun with glitter, then watched the last few kids shows on PBS before the adult shows come on.

A quick, right-before-bed dinner (of rice crispies with soy milk) and a popsicle for desert.

Da gets home, time to brush.

"Wait, can I sit with you so I can warm up?" followed by a few bites of my crockpot chicken, potatoes, and carrots dinner (I waited for Jared before I ate), brush, potty, pj's, and clean off the bed.

A chapter of the latest Bella Sara book (#4), Nike's Great Race while snuggling.

Hugs, giggles, tickles, and kisses then lights out.

It was a good day.

Emma and Da putting together a giant floor horse puzzle last night.

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