Monday, February 14, 2011

Writers Block

I am sitting here, staring off into space, trying to think of something witty or intelligent to say when all I really want to do is show you some pictures of Emma's latest master pieces

I guess instead, I will just tell you about her art.

The other night when I was needle felting Emma's newest hat, Emma asked if she could needle felt also. She was in the process of getting ready for bed, so I told her that she could needle felt in the morning.

And she did. I set her loose with some bigger scrap pieces of a black wool sweater that I had felted. I also gave her the roving I had used on her hat, some commercial roving (it is more processed then the stuff on her hat), some wool yarn, and a bag full of bits and pieces of felted wool sweaters.

When she was done, we had a bunch of odd shaped pieces of needle felted art work. When I asked Emma what she wanted to do with them ( because I really had no idea what to do with them), she informed me she wanted to put them in picture frames and sell them.

It just so happens that we have a ton of picture frames around. And it just so happens Emma's art looks AWESOME in them!

This one is my favorite. 

As soon as we got the first one in the frame, I wanted to run to the store to create another picture wall like the one we had in our home in Tucson.

If you look past the cute kid hamming it up for the camera, you can see one of the shelves we had on our picture wall. Made changing pictures out easy (with no holes).

Now I have to decide if I could actually part with them...

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