Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Games

One of my favorite blogs to stalk right now is Ordinary Life Magic. They are an unschooling family and I find a lot of inspirations, guidance, and just plain fun stuff over there.

They are also pretty crafty, which is right up my ally.

But right now, they are hosting a  Game Giveaway. I love the idea of winning a game (ha!), so I decided to write up a quick post about our favorite games.

After sitting here and thinking about it, I realized we actually don't play very many games. We have a ton, but we just never seem to be good about playing them.

Here are the few we do play.

Emma does understand the concept of the game, but she tends to get bored before the game is over. She really enjoys making fun shapes out of the pieces. 

I just blogged about this in my last post. We don't play the way the rules tell us too (unless it is just Jared and I playing), but we have a blast with it. 

I almost forgot. Emma got Pony-Opoly for her birthday. We have played once (then I was gone for what felt like forever), but I think I know what we will be doing tomorrow:)

Sadly, that is about it. We use to play chutes and ladders, and candy land, but (and I hate to admit it) I am a horrible mom. I can't stand to play these two games. To make matters worse, when Emma plays with her Da, he lets her make up the rules. I am getting better about it, but I am all for the rules. Anyway...

Those are about the only games we play lately. Now that I realize it, we may have to make a few changes around here :)

A few games I have had my eye on are :

A fun card game that produces fun cartoon type drawings

There are a few more that I have wanted, but of course, I can't remember what they are!

Oh well. 

Today was a fun day of lounging around in our pajamas. Emma played lots of Bella Sara and PBS Kids today. She did some reading, sounded out a few words, and did a bit of crafting. 

It was a very nice, relaxing, non-demanding day for both of us.

I love how clear this photo turned out, just wish there wasn't so much clutter!!

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