Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Assignments - A Recap

For a detailed explanation of photo assignments, check out this post and this post. We just got back into doing photo assignments so I thought I would post the photos from the first two (done back in Jan) before I posted the third one which was done yesterday.

We missed two on this one, but I think it was dinner time and Emma was D-O-N-E! She did after all, do both list one and two at the same time. 


We have a few more printed up and ready to go. Assignment 4 is a list of colors. I had originally had each word the color that it is, but I decided that black would make her actually read the words, not guess. Assignments 5 and 6 are lists of outside words, so we will make a field trip out of it. 

In the future I will just post the picture as well as a link to the past photo assignment post for explanation.

Have a great day!