Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Conversations with Emma- 81

Math Curse

While finishing up supper, Da, Emma, and I were making a to-do list for tomorrow. I mentioned a math worksheet, Emma was excited.

Me- "Well, what kind of math worksheet do you want? Addition, subtraction, single digits, bigger numbers, what?

Emma- "I don't know."

Me- "Well, I know that you are pretty good with single digit addition, so lets do double digits."

Emma- "What do you mean?"

Me- "Like 55 plus 26."

Emma thinks for, literally, like 10 seconds and said, "81."

I had to figure it out in my head quickly, then I looked at Jared (who was already looking at me with a shocked expression) and we both kinda laughed.

Me- "Emma, that was really good."

Emma- "It was easy. I added 20 plus 50 and got 70 then knew that 6 plus 5 is 11, and that 11 plus 70 is 81."

Me to Jared- "I don't really care how she gets there, I think it's cool that she figured that out in her head"

Jared- "Totally."

I was wowed. Course I always hated math (until I decided to tell myself that it wasn't so bad, now I kinda like it), so to see how much she loves it always wows me.

I know that there are reasons behind the way math is taught in schools, but I can tell you from experience, it didn't make it any easier for me. If Emma ends up WANTING to learn higher levels of math, she will be willing to relearn a few things to achieve her goals.

So, we will be printing up a variety of math worksheets so we can get an idea of where she stands so that we can plan out her future worksheets accordingly. I want her to continue to love numbers. Puts a lot of pressure on me, but I think it's really important that she continue to love numbers and math.

Not because I think higher levels of math are necessary for life, but because it's important for her to have her passions and not loose them because of my lack of providing appropriate materials.

If that makes sense. It might not, I'm tired.

Off to bed so Emma and I can get our learning on tomorrow!

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Back in my teaching days, one of the ways to do mental math is exactly how Emma did hers. In our last math program they even taught it as one way to solve while using a paper and pencil...add tens & write it, add ones and write it below tens answer, add them together. Of course, it also works with bigger place values too. I hope Emma continues to love math. Might be best NOT to share much about your math feelings!!! Love you all, Mom/Gramma