Friday, January 25, 2013

Snail Mail Letter Writing Ideas

Thanks to those people who sent me ideas for what Emma can put in her letters. Before I loose them or forget them, I am going to start a list here. Of course, this isn't a list just for Emma. Anyone who wishes to write a letter can use these ideas (me included)!

Neighborhood Exploration 28Jan13

Just because the list is started, doesn't mean you need to stop sending ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Things to write about in a snail mail letter:
1. Horse Lessons (or any other lessons)
2. Book I am currently reading to Emma
3. Book we are currently listening too
4. Book Emma is currently reading to me
5. Things we while walking around the block
6. Food Emma has helped cook
7. Latest creative creation
8. Favorite non-electronic game to play
9. Favorite electronic game to play
10. A short story that can be continued in future letters (make a photo copy so remember where the story ended!)
11. Write a poem
12. Talk about the weather

I think what I will do with these ideas is to put each idea onto it's own little piece of paper, then put all the ideas in a jar. When Emma is at a loss of what to write about, she can reach into the jar and grab an idea.

This list will be on-going. If anyone has any more suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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