Friday, January 4, 2013

Talking Out Loud- References

This post is going to be a bit like talking out loud to myself. I am trying to get this whole, structured thing figured out, and sometimes I just have to "say things out loud" so I can make sure it makes sense.

Bedroom Rearrange #1 (4)

One of the first things I looked into when we found out that we were moving to Montana, was the library. I browsed their website off and on for the months leading up to our move. Within the first week (possible the second), we made a trip to the library and signed up for a homeschooling library card.

What is a homeschool library card?

It's awesome. We get to check out an unlimited number of items for a month at a time. A regular library card gets us, if I remember correctly, something like 10 books for 2 weeks. No where near enough, especially considering the haul we walked away with today.

22 items. Oh, wait. I think Emma has about 5 or so books in the bedroom with her for bedtime reading. So, 27 books.

What do we need 27 books for?

Let's see. We will use this stack of books;
The White Stallion by Laurel Van Der Linde
Lipizzaner: The Story of the Horses of Lipica by Milan Dolene
The Lipizzan Horse by Sarah Maass
Military Horses by Michael Sandler
to learn about the lipizzaner horses.

We will use this stack of books;
Leonardo Beautiful Dreamer by Robert Byrd
Leonardo Da Vinci by Diane Stanley
Leonardo da Vinci by Barbara Witteman
Leonardo's Palette by Gerry Bailey
The Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci by Margaret Cooper
to learn about Leonardo da Vinci.

This stack;
Eyewitness Travel: Austria
Austria: Enchantment of the World by R. Conrad Stein
Welcome to My Country: Welcome to Austria
to learn about balloons. Kidding! The Spanish Riding School (where the Lipizzaners learn to dance) is located in Vienna, Austria.

This last stack;
Mozart: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 (CD)
Mozart: Chamber Music with Piano (CD)
Mozart: Flute Quartets (CD)
The World of the Symphony: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (CD)
Mozart Finds a Melody by Stephen Costanza
Play, Mozart, Play by Peter Sis
The Magic Flute by Stephen Spender
Mozart's Wig by Gerry Bailey
will help us learn about Mozart, a Viennese.

We have a few random books also; Growing Crystals by Ann O. Squire and Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. The latter was an impulse borrow. It actually happens to be the only book about math that the library has.

All in all, we are pretty happy with the library. We would like it if there was more selection, but we also have the base library to utilize. I plan to make a stop by the base library tomorrow. I believe they have a few more books on crystals that I would like to check out.

Well, that's about all for now. I might stop back later to talk to myself about the schedule I have planned for next week.

Have a great night!

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Anonymous said...

I really like Emma's "LEARN" art at the top of her page. Some of your listed books I used to own. They all sound useful, even if they just have a page or two that work for Emma at this time. I really like the idea of the homeschooling library card. Wonder if Cresco does that. Have fun at the base library! Love you all. Mom/Gramma