Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Need Help- Letter Writing Ideas

I have a small problem (many actually but we'll stick with the post title one). Emma writes two letters each week to different friends or family (some weeks she actually writes 2 or 3 extra letters cause she actually has some pen pals!).

Thur 17Jan13 (3)
Emma writing to her pen pal Willow. 
(Willow's mom is awesomely crafty. I have been following her blog of a long time now, that's how we "met" Willow.) 

Anyway, Emma tends to struggle with these letters for two reasons. 1.) She isn't a huge fan of writing. 2.) She never knows what to write about. (Oh, and I forgot there is a 3.) Hardly anyone writes back)

I would like to make her a list (or chart, or jar, etc.) of things she can include in her letters, but seeing as I am a bit rusty on my letter writing skills, I need some help.

If you are getting a letter from Emma, what would you like her to write about?

You can e-mail me your ideas or just post a comment. Either way, I will probably write another post (which I will try to update regularly) with any suggestions that come my way.

Thanks for your help!


Des said...

Ellie says, "I would like to hear about what she has been doing."

I think a drawing of the pony she takes lessons with and tell what she likes about the pony would be a good idea.

I'll have the kids write also.

Anonymous said...

Ellie's nidea goes for me too. Or Emma could write a poem. Sara and I used to do poems together by her composing lines 1 and 3 while I did 2 and 4. Soon she was writing it all. Emma could write about a dream or make up a story that could always be continued, such as "One day I drank a glass of Shrink Drink, had Momma and Da pack me in a box and send me to Gramma's. When Boppa and Gramma opened the box and I jumped out they were_______________________. We decided to ___________________ etc. People could even write back another adventure etc. Gramma

Tina said...

Des and Gramma- thanks for the ideas. I love the idea about telling an ongoing story. Hmm, lots to think about with that one.