Friday, November 18, 2011

Break Dance Baby!!

Emma is taking a class! With other people!

Occasionally I get antsy about Emma not really wanting to take classes or lessons that have other people in them. I am fine with her being shy, but I don't want her shyness to keep her from doing things she will enjoy.

So, we signed her up for a break dance class. With Jared (I signed up for adult tap).

Ever since we told Emma about the class, she has been apprehensive, asking often if she has to go, or if she has to actually do anything. I was pretty sure that she would enjoy the class, so I decided to be a mean parent and keep her enrolled and actually make her go. She would have Jared right next too her, so she wouldn't be alone and I would be there also.

I suspect that aside from being shy, she also has a major fear of failure. I wish I knew if that was my fault and if so, I wish I knew how to help her overcome that fear. She hates to try new things. Anything that she isn't immediately good at becomes something she hates and she gets very frustrated with it.

Anyway, tonight was the first break dance class. All day she was asking how long (in a timid voice) until class. A few times she wanted to cry when she asked if she had to go.

I told her she had to try class once. I reminded her that Da would be right there with her, and that I would be watching.

About an hour before it was time to leave, her apprehension turned to hesitant excitement. She was ready to go, bringing everyone else their shoes, getting on her coat, and doing other things to get ready while we still had a bit of time till we needed to leave.

We got to class a bit early, so we waited. Emma sat in my lap, Jared sat next to us. There were a lot of people milling around waiting for a different class, so we had plenty to watch. Emma seemed pretty relaxed. I got up to look around a bit, and when I sat down, Emma asked if she could look around too. So she wandered a bit on her own.

Then class started. I sat on the floor near the door, Emma and Jared went out into the middle of the room. There was the instructor (a guy named Andy) and one other girl, who is about 10 or 11. That was it. Emma started to get upset, cried a bit, but Jared talked to her, held her hand, and she settled down.

He is such a good dad.

The instructor was teaching some simple steps, and Emma was pretty relaxed and following along, watching her feet in the mirror, and a boy walked in. And stood next to her. Emma moved closer to Jared and looked like she was going to get upset, but she seemed to gather herself in and continued to follow along.

And the class went along with out any major hitches. There were a few spots where she got upset, but overall she did really well. And she had fun :)

Watching Da's feet too see what to do next.

Listening to Da explain about doing headstands.

Thinking about tickling Da (which she did shortly after I took this picture).

Needless to say, Emma and I were very impressed with Da! Emma has plans to start practicing tomorrow all the things she was taught today. She might even be excited about the next class!

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