Friday, November 18, 2011

Magnetic Dolls

Oh how I love Pinterest. So many cool ideas floating around. With so much homework to put off, I am always needing something interesting to do. If that something interesting involves Emma, even better. (I have been feeling guilty about neglecting her to do homework lately).

So, when I came across this on Pinterest the other day; I repinned with the intention of fitting it in sometime this week.

Today ended up being the day.

We went to this website to print out the dolls. We printed the pages as 5 X 7 pictures (on paper that had already gone through the printer once) so that the dolls would be small enough to fit on business card sized magnets (we have some to upcycle). 

Once the dolls were printed, we sent them through our sticker maker. Emma then cut out each of the dolls as well as all the accessories. 

I always catch her while she is talking. 

Or singing. 

Once all of the pieces were cut out, we stuck them to the business card sized magnets, and cut them out closer to the line. 

Once we cut everything out (which I didn't take a picture of), we realized that the magnetic clothes over the magnetic bodies on the sheet metal that is our magnet board did not work out so well. 

Our fix was to reprint and stickify (it could be a word) the bodies, and adhere them to some cool backgrounds. The backgrounds are held up with regular magnets, and the clothes now stay nicely where they are placed. 

( I could not get good pictures of these)

Boy doll with no clothes.

Boy doll once Emma was done dressing him (and the goat) up. 

Here is our fancy magnet board with our fancy paper dolls. Someday we might frame it, but I won't hold my breath :)

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