Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Beautiful Day of Fall

I did a pathetic job this summer of getting us out of the house and into nature. My excuse is bugs. They love Emma. We had to implement a 3 bite rule, which meant that after I noticed 3 angry red bumps on her, it was time to head in. Unfortunately it never took very long to get those bumps.  Sometimes I would even pull out the nasty DEET spray, which we hated to use, but they would still bite her.

Anyway, now that the weather has turned colder, we have been outside more.

On the first day of November, while some people were suffering through massive snow, we had a beautiful day in the 70's. We went for a bike ride.
Actually, they biked, I walked. 

Beavers at work

A fun beaver slide

Jared on his BMX bike.  

Emma going off-road

Queen of the Rock Pile

Glad we took the time to enjoy the beautiful day.

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