Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Interesting Discovery

 As we were waiting for the cheesy crackers to bake the other day, Emma and L (the little man we babysit) wanted to play with dough.

All I had in the house was the expensive whole wheat stuff, and a large ziplock bag of odd random flours from when we tried cutting gluten for medically experimental reasons.

So, out came a big bowl and a two smaller ones. I dumped in the odd flours (I believe it was rice flour and tapioca flour? not sure exactly). I also set out a mason jar of water for each of them.
They each scooped a bunch (it is a technical measurement term in our house) of the four mix into their own bowls. 

Water was added

And mixing commenced.
"Mama, this kinda feels like oobleck!" (I thought I had blogged about oobleck before but I can't find it, so here is a cool post about it instead)
 "Really?" -pokes finger in goo- "Hey, it does! That is really cool that we made oobleck without corn starch."
Food coloring was added. Pink for Emma and blue for L.

L was really enjoying the gooeyness and Emma was really enjoying sharing it with him.
"L, try to punch it!" giggles as he hits it and he finds that the surface is hard. "Now slowly poke your finger in it." More giggles. Best way to wait for something to finish baking :)

Drippy fun

I asked, "L, do you know what happens if you mix pink and blue?" He wasn't sure so we added a bit of Emma's and a bit of L's to a mason jar and stirred. As best oobleck can be stirred. It turned out to be a light purple :)

"I want purple!" More food coloring added.

"Me too!" 

Everybody had a good time, and the cheesy crackers came out great!

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Stephanie said...

:) Happy event! I so love that stuff. It makes great (and dramatic) tar pits! :)
And the happy children is certainly the best part!