Sunday, November 20, 2011

To Do List- Cloud Dough

We (mostly me actually) have a very long list of cool things we want to do thanks to Pinterest. Pinterest is very addicting. I gave up facebook, but I am worried that Pinterest may have taken it's place.

At least Pinterest is a more positive addiction (that's my story anyway). If you are interested in checking out what I am pinning, here is a link.

Today we tried out the homemade glitter. I was not super impressed with the results. We have made colored salt in the past, without having to use the oven. Turned out the same.

A few that we have enjoyed are the magnetic dolls. Here are a few updated photos (we have made the magnetic dolls on a few different days).

Another fun project was making cloud dough. The ingredients are just flour and baby oil. I wish I had read more of the comments before I had made it because I would have used vegetable or olive oil with some essential oils instead. The baby oil isn't super safe to play with, and it smells too much for me. Emma really loves it though.

(We added powdered tempra paint for a little added color)

(burying her unicorn)

(the excavation)

A few projects we might try to do this next week (when we are at Gramma and Boppa's) are dancing oobleck, fingerprint tree, shattered marbles, newspaper structures, and maybe the body double. Of course, we could end up doing something totally different, or just doing nothing. Time will tell :)

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